To enumerate answer blanks in the right margin to match the question, thanks to 

\define\ansblank{\inright{\getnumber[itemgroup:itemize]. \thinrules[n=1]}}
\setupitemgroup [itemize] [n,style=bold,right=\ansblank]

I am trying to augment this to handle nested itemizations so that the 
\getnumber in the right margin is from the parent itemize but the "\getletter" 
is from the child:

\item First
\item Second               
    \item Related problem   % Would like this to show 2 a. before the marginrule
    \item Related question  % Would like this to show 2 b. before the marginrule
\item Third

Desired output:

1. First                  1. _________

2. Second
    a. Related problem    2a. ________
    b. Related question   2b. ________

3. Third                  3. _________

My attempts have been to define a new "blank" and use [conversion=Character] 
along with stabs from cont-eni.pdf, but I am flailing and failing.

Thanks for any help,
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