Hello Hans,

I would like to prevent caption stoppers from appearing in references in

Here is a minimal example:

\setupcaptions[numberstopper=.~---~, distance=0em]
\placefigure[][cow]{A Cow}{\externalfigure[cow]}
\in{Figure}[cow] shows a cow.

Aditya suggested that I use suffix instead of numberstopper, which works
very well, but Wolgang said:

‘I’m sorry to disappoint you but there is no official solution to achieve

There are ways to change the stopper for section numbers in the heading and
the text but not for the other counters (floats, descriptions etc.).

The solution you got from Aditya at stackexchange works but it’s more a hack
because suffixes are used when you use a splitted float (e.g. a table which
multiple pages) where you get 1.a., 1.b etc. (the a and b are suffixes) as

So since numberstoppers — of any kinds (for floats, sections, descriptions)
— are supposed to separate numbers from titles, it would be logical that
they don’t appear in references because references don’ have titles, only
numbers, so no separation sign (numberstopper) is needed. Could you change
that behaviour Hans, or add a command for setting the layout of the numbers
in references (separators, counter conversion, etc.)? There is already such
a command for section numbers and you only have to add another one for
other counters.

Best regards.
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