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I use ConTeXt MkIV to typeset the protocol (minutes) of a meeting.  In my 
macros, I use \textreference and \about to reuse the text from the agenda 
list in the actual sections.  It's like the regular table of contents, 
but reversed (see the below MWE).  I do it like that because sometimes 
entries in the agenda list are skipped in the meeting, and that means 
they have to appear in the agenda list, but there is no corresponding 
section.  Now my problem is that the \textreference content is cut off if 
it is too long, as seen in the below MWE.  How can I disable the 
cropping?  Additionally, if somebody can think of a better solution than 
my \textreference approach, please let me know.

Thank you,
Joshua Krämer

Minimal Working Example:

        \advance\Agendaentrynr -1\relax


\Agendaentry{4}{Berichte des Vorsitzers, des Schatzmeisters und des 

\input zapf


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