Dear Thomas, Luigi and Hans,

code first:

\setupnote[Variant][paragraph=yes, inbetween=\hskip2.5em]
This\Variant{That} context\Variant{document} is\Variant{was} a
sample\Variant{an example} that I\Variant{she} want\Variant{didn’t
want} to show\Variant{publish}\stoplinenumbering

With compressed linenotes (when compressseparator isn’t set to none), I
think is important to have the ability to specify different lengths for
the compressseparator than for the linenotes.

If neither of them is defined, compressseparatorbefore should have the
same value as inbetween from setupnote and compressseparatorafter should
take its value from distance in setupnotation.

But with the sample above, I think that the spacing that can make sense
for line numbers might be visually misleading for separators.

Here I’m only an amateur, Thomas, you are the professional. What do you
think of this feature?

Many thanks for your help,

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