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> On 11/20/2013 8:59 AM, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> >
> > As far as ConTeXt is concerned, you can process the above XML quite
> > easily. Come to think of it, it may be a useful to provide a module
> > that maps HTML5 to PDF.
> >
> I would vote for that approach. It is pretty much analogous to what I
> have decided to do. I'm doing my actual writing in HTML. creating CSS
> for ebooks and ConTeXt environment files for PDF.
> ...
> My needs are much simpler than the majority of people on this list. I
> have no need for math, no need for indexes, no need for bibliographies,
> footnotes or citations. BUT I want really top-notch visual output
> whether in PDF or printed on dead trees. 

This is exactly my situation ;-)

Two outputs ideally from the same data. But thanks to my XML background and
experience in the single source publishing it was clear from the very
beginning that I need a well structured and also semantically rich
vocabulary like DocBook.

Generating ePub3 outputs is very straighforward (things gets complicated
when you need customize it). It is same for PDF outputs. These outputs are
generated using XSL-FO processors. But to be honest, outputs are not so
visually appealing as they lack many microtypographic features (expansion,
hanging punctuation etc).

This is the reason why I do a noise here in this forum.

There is a db-context tool (set of XSLT stylesheets):

It can convert DocBook XML into the ConTeXt source. I do some direct (local)
changes into it to avoid manual post-processing (which gets lost with every
generating - I still do some corrections in my source).

This solution requires some experience in XML processing, but I encourage
anybody who need multiple outputs from a single data to investigate it a
bit. It is so powerfull ;-)


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