On 11/20/2013 4:47 PM, Lars Huttar wrote:
> However one thing we do miss from columnsets is the control over widows
> & orphans in two ways: \testcolumn, and \setupcolumnsetlines.
> \testcolumn[n] allowed us to do a conditional column break, so when we
> were about to start a new subsection heading, we could prevent it being
> an orphan at the bottom of the column; and when starting a paragraph
> with a hangaround graphic framed flushright and bottom, we could
> similarly use \testcolumn to prevent the graphic from hanging down into
> the footer (which is what sometimes happened otherwise).
> So I'm wondering, is there some way to achieve the equivalent of
> \testcolumn in mixedcolumns?

Here is a MWE:


\startmixedcolumns[distance=5mm, balance=yes]

\dorecurse {20} {


\subsection{Subsection Heading} \input knuth \endgraf




You can see that the heading for subsection 6 is an orphan at the bottom
of a column (at least, with the paper size settings I have; otherwise,
I'm sure it happens somewhere else). If \testcolumn worked, the
\testcolumn[8] would have shoved the subsection heading to the next
column, because there was not space for 8 lines left in the column at
that point.

Any thoughts on how to fix this kind of occurrence?


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