On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 06:52:31PM +0100, "H. Özoguz" wrote:
> >The extend feature stretches the glyphs to get narrow or wide font but it 
> >doesn’t embolden it.
> >
> >The best solution is to get a font with a real bold style, money shouldn’t 
> >be a problem because fonts are cheap nowadays.
> >
> >Wolfgang
> Thanks, I hoped the it could really embold ist (like I did it in CorelDraw).
> Of course, money is not the problem at all - I am using it commercially, so
> the company should by any arabic font I would suggest. But it is very hard
> to find an modern font, which is capable of typsetting Quran, with full
> supprt and all special symbols (wich are not a part of standard modern
> arabic)


> - and more hard to find such a find in this style (Uthmanic).

There is no such a style, it is just a simplified (dumbed down) Naskh
style used only in one single Mushaf. Why is that a requirement?

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