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Hello there,

I am new in variables in ConTeXt, so I tried the the following example
of two font-sizes wich should have a ratio of 0.7:


\definefont[big][name:arial at \getvariable{fontsize}{bigsize}]
\definefont[small][name:arial at \getvariable{fontsize}{smallsize}]

\big Dies ist ein großer Text.\blank
\small Dies ist ein kleiner Text.

That does not work, what is the correct syntax?

should be: "what is my error?" ...


(size -> bigsize)

but then the next hurdle is that you get 0.717pt so you need


which is why the next is better:

\definemeasure[fontsize:big]  [17pt]

\definefont[big]  [name:arial at \measure{fontsize:big}]
\definefont[small][name:arial at \measure{fontsize:small}]

    \big   Dies ist ein großer  Text. \blank
    \small Dies ist ein kleiner Text.

Best wikify this!

Alternatively you can set up symbolic sizes (like we already have a b c d), so that

\definefont[big]  [name:arial sa a]

etc can be used


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