On 2013-11-18 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> when I specify custom titles for my registers, they are ignored in
> bookmarks:
> \setupinteraction[state=start]
> \placebookmarks[chapter]
> \setupinteractionscreen[option=bookmark]
> \defineregister[indexname][indexnames]
> \defineregister[indexsubject][indexsubjects]
> \setupheadtext[indexname=Name Index]
> \setupheadtext[indexsubject=Subject Index]
> \starttext
> \completecontent
> \chapter{Chapter}text\indexname{primary}\indexsubject{primary}
> \startbackmatter
> \completeindexname
> \completeindexsubject
> \stopbackmatter
> \stoptext
> Is it necessary to switch something else on?

According to the proposed solution at

it can be switched on using this magic formula

What is the correct usage of this? And are there any details why it is
required and what exactly it does?

When it is added to the beginning of my example, it returns an error:
attempt to call field 'boxtostring' (a nil value)

But to be honest, I'd expect setting this flag internally by default as I
cannot imagine any use case where the index ID should be preferred in favor
of the title...


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