On 11/22/2013 4:34 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 11/21/2013 7:01 PM, Lars Huttar wrote:
>> I now have a MWE that shows the problem.
>> Where top and bottom work fine outside of columns, in mixedcolumns, any
>> keyword I use with \getmarking always seem to return the *last* item on
>> the page. Here's the MWE:
> I changed the example a bit
> \setupbodyfont[dejavu]
> \definemarking[country]
> \startsetups myheader
> (\getmarking[country][1][top]\enspace\emdash\enspace\getmarking[country][1][bottom])
>     \hfill
> (\getmarking[country][2][top]\enspace\emdash\enspace\getmarking[country][2][bottom])
> \stopsetups
> \setupheadertexts
>   [\setups{myheader}][]
>   [][\setups{myheader}]
> \def\anothersection#1%
>   {\par
>    \dontleavehmode
>    \marking[country]{#1}%
>    \start\bf #1 \endgraf\stop
>    \quad
>    test
>    \par}
> \starttext
>     \startmixedcolumns[distance=5mm, balance=yes]
>         \anothersection{Brazil}
>        %\anothersection{Suriname}
>        %\anothersection{Uruguay}
>        %\anothersection{Bolivia}
>        %\anothersection{Venezuela}
>         \anothersection{Peru}
>     \stopmixedcolumns
> \stoptext
> The problem, is/was that mixed columns had not yet mark
> synchronization enabled. I uploaded a new beta.

When I use the new beta (using 2013.11.26), marking works better, with
the following caveats:

1) The column number argument is required; using
\getmarking[country][top] instead of \getmarking[country][1][top] still
returns the wrong value. This is not a problem for us, but it's
important to know, because if you leave out the column number argument,
there is no error given, and AFAIR the documentation doesn't tell you
it's required.

2) Sometimes \getmark[country][n][bottom] returns the country at the top
of column n+1 (or column 1 on the next page). In your example above,
\getmarking[country][1][bottom] shows Peru, which is in column 2,
instead of Brazil. This can be a significant problem for us, unless we
can find a way to fix it.
Did you get a different result?

> In the process I also made marks a bit more restrictive but it might
> have (yet unknown) side effects.
> \enabledirectives[marks.boxestoo]
> can be used to see the effect of this.

I tried this with your example above, but didn't see anything change.
Are we supposed to see some colored boxes around the marks?

Thanks again,

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