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during my attempts to patch the Palatino's dotless 'i' I found
that this font is parsed incorrectly by ConTeXt.

Comparing index/name info of individual glyphs in the font
software and resulting pala.tma file there is the following

Index | Name - font    | Name - tma
1110  | dotlessi.smcp  | i.sc        (1)
1170  | i.smcp         | i.sc        (2)

The first one should have IMHO a different name.
The same name for two glyphs might be dangerous.

the fact that there are two i.sc in the font is suspicious ... best
check the font in fontforge ... one never know what kind of things
other programs do

Hmm, FontForge glyphs naming corresponds to what we can observe in the
ConTeXt (doubled i.sc). My previous analysis was based on FontLab. I am
confused now...

Actually, there are no names of these glyphs available in the font so they
are calculated(!)
Each of two programs uses a different method. FontLab method is based on
layout tables - GPOS, GSUB, GDEF (it somehow detects that both glyps

that is okay to make names unique, although there can still be multiple variants so in fact i.smcp and i.ss01.4 are valid names then, but .smcp and .onum are not understood by name parsers (for adobe glyph names)

differs). The FontForge method is unclear and seems to be buggy. But we

some kind of numbering would make more sense i.1 or so

should blame rather the font itself as it is the primary cause of these
problems (= missing glyph names).



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