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> maybeyear is one of the areas that need fixing. The simple on/off 
> mechanism is not sufficient, because the behavior needs to be more
> complex:
> 1. If the citation style does not use the year as a key, do not
> append letters.
> 2. If the citation style uses year as key and only one
> publication/year of an author is quoted and listed (even if there are
> several in the bib file) do not append letter.
> 3. Append letter if citation style uses year AND more than one 
> publication/year for given author is quoted and listed.
> I assume that in order for this to work, Hans will have to rewrite
> the code which produces the .bbl file from the bib. Right now,
> AFAICS, the .bbl contains the entire .bib database. It should only
> contain the entries which are cited.
> Alan, does that make sense to you?


Perhaps the .bbl could contain the entire .bib database with the
filtering taking place then in lua/ConTeXt. How this is handled
internally is a programming, not a user issue.

I do agree with your assessment of when to and when not to append a
letter to the year as listed.

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