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> Hi,
> When I use:
> \startpagefigure[file.pdf][page=X]\stoppagefigure
> with page >= 2 does not work. Always it puts the first page.
> I run MKIV.
> Is it a bug?

It’s a change of the behavior of the command and I won’t say it’s a bad change.

To understand the change you have to know that pagefigure is combination
of \startTeXpage and \externalfigure and you get the same result with


The first parameter of the page figure command is the name of the graphic
and the second argument let you change the values for TeXpage, in the old
MkII code the second parameter was also used as second argument for
\externalfigure. A problem in MkII was that you had something in the second
parameter which was used by \startTEXpage *and* \externalfigure and the
output wasn’t what you expected. I guess to avoid this Hans doesn’t pass
the values of the second argument to \externalfigure anymore.

To select now a certain page from your external document just use
the \startTEXpage and \externalfigure combination:


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