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> Nearly all of the hundreds of fraktur-fonts in the world have problems, as 
> reported by the
> program "fontforge". But even worse, mostly there is a lack of umlauts, 2 of 
> 3 needed 
> different "s" and a lack of ligatures. And only very, very few of them have 
> in addition to 
> the normal umlauts written with double points umlauts with a small "e" above 
> instead.

Usable fraktur fonts with e-umlauts, long s and a set of ligatures I found in 
my collection only:

- Bastarda-K, probably by Manfred Klein
- Unifraktur Maguntia, see

(Without e-umlauts there are a lot more.)

Perhaps you should try to fix the y fonts with Fontforge.

Greetlings, Hraban
--- (I'm an assurer)

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