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> Hello Hraban,
> thank you for answering!
> The Fraktur fonts differ in many things from each other. I forgot to mention
> the feature of automatic choice of ligatures when they appear in the text. So 
> it's a matter of
> not to be forced to change too much in a given text. I solved my problem 
> within 10 minutes by
> creating my own \glqq and \grqq. Next time I will strive for a solution with 
> \quotation{…}.

Have you tried the unifraktur fonts, as you can see on the website the font has 
features to change
the umlauts and also to replace the normal s with the long s.

\definefontfamily[mainface][rm][Unifraktur Maguntia]


\definefontfeature [longs]     [cv11=yes]
\definefontfeature [diaeresis] [cv15=yes]



\input knuth

schönstes – {\feature[+][longs]schönstes}

ſchön Üben – {\feature[+][diaeresis]ſchön Üben}

\quotation{Quoted text}



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