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> In yfrak I have to describe in a special manner end "s" and umlauts with a 
> little "e" 
> on top too, but its very easy and short: 
> middle "s" = "s", the normal one,
> end    "s" = "s:"
>       "ä" = "ä" or "*a", "ö" = "ö" or "*o" and so forth.
> The only error is that \quotation{...} is not possible. Perhaps yfrak will be 
> repaired one day.

Then just type in (or copy and paste) your long s directly: ſ
We live in Unicode land nowadays, you know. ;-)

Since yfrak has no automatic replacement either, it’s surely not more 
(Might be interesting to find a mechanism, like for hyphenation or ligatures, 
that at least does it right most of the time.)

And I’m pretty sure you don’t change umlaut variants all the time, so one setup 
in your environment or preamble is also no hassle.
A setup or switch is even better (more flexible) than yfraks ugly hardcoded 

Greetlings, Hraban
--- (I'm an assurer)

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