For a while I've been baffled by a weird bug where sometimes I get
overset text when using \placefigure[right]. The problem appeared
sometime this autumn in places where everything has worked before.

This far I've (reluctantly) worked my way around the bug by using hard
line breaks where needed, but the current project has so many of those
spots that a more flexible solution would be nice.

On the other hand, just because I have so many of them and some
appeared today, I realized that the problem can be related to {\tfx }
in the beginning of the line. Here's a minimal example:



    {A cow}

{\tfx SET TIME/DATE} allows you to (re)set the instrument date and
time. Time is set by inputting a certain amount of digits. Possible
inputs are 4, 6, 8 and 12 digits. To set hours and minutes, input 4
digits. To set day of month and time input 6 digits. To set month, day
and time input 8 digits. To set year, month, day and time input 12
digits. In all cases seconds can be set by separating them with a dot.
The format can be seen below.

\input tufte



I know it is not beautiful, but I'm doing something very specific
where this is needed. In a real pinch I can probably rewrite every
problem sentence to put the \tfx in the middle instead of the
beginning, but this still doesn't make the original problem go away.
(Although I may be the only one bothered by it...)


PS. Hmm... Same thing if I use {\sc blabla} so while I reallly should
switch to small caps, that is not the solution.

PS2. I just tried with \placefigure[left] and I get overset text with it, too.

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