Some features of m-steps does not work in mkiv.
For example, I can not change colors and the shapes (first example), add
steps from the cell (n) to the cell (n+m, m=2,3,4...) and reverse steps.


\setupSTEPcells [alternative=5, framecolor=red]
\setupSTEPtexts [framecolor=green]
\setupSTEPlines [alternative=5]
\cell {initial concentration,  $C_i$}
\text {$\div C_f$, final concentration}
\cell {diluation factor, $f$}
\text {inverse}
\cell {$\frac{1}{f}$}
\text {$\times V_f$, volume of the volumetric flask}
\cell {pipette volume, $V_p$}

>From the manual:

\cell {A}
\cell {one} \texts{}{+2} \texts{}{+3}
\cell {two}
\cell {three} \texts{+4}{} \texts{+5}{}
\cell {four}
\cell {five}


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