On 2/5/2014 7:41 AM, Marcin Borkowski wrote:
Hi all,

just a thought.  Some time ago wise people decided to include TeXworks
into TeXlive, so that newbies installing TeXlive can get a
"batteries-included" package (not having to choose/install an editor).
Would it be (a) reasonable and (b) not too much time-consuming to do a
similar move with ConTeXt standalone?  I'm not saying it would have to
be TeXworks (or my beloved Emacs, for that matter;)).  I am aware that
this is an additional work to maintain etc., and I'm probably not
capable of doing it myself, but...

What do you think?

FYI: I use SciTE and all files needed to support context in it are in the distribution adn kept up to date (including advanced lexers for relevant file formats, like tex, lua, xml, pdf, w). I nowadays use sumatrapdf for previewing which is supported in a edit-preview cycle.


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