Thanx Alan for the explanation.
I tried use all of symbols ie U+2032 ′, U+0027 ' , U+2019 ’ and U+02BC ʼ.
Visual results with using of U+2032 ′, U+0027 ' and U+02BC ʼ are the same as with symbol apostrophe ' (\prime) ... i.e. bad appearance (very low or very high with ^ symbol).
Using of  U+2019 ’ get error.

Jaroslav Hajtmar

Dne 5.2.2014 12:30, Alan BRASLAU napsal(a):
On Wed, 5 Feb 2014 01:58:44 +0100
Jaroslav Hajtmar <> wrote:

I know about ^\prime but this is the same as ^{'}.
Not to be confused with ´ (prime)!
U+2032 ′
U+0027 '
U+2019 ’
U+02BC ʼ

Windows (Word) is really "bad" in substituting the "right single
quotation mark" for the ASCII (typewriter) apostrophe (U+0027).
This is probably because some people in the unicode world decided that
this be the "preferred" character to use for apostrophe (for some
strange reason).


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