Under mkii we used to have a running footer that appeared below the crop
marks. Under mkiv I can't get that to work.

The MWE I'm trying (with ConTeXt mkiv from the TeXLive 2013 CD):

\def\TopText { Top Text }

\def\BottomText { Bottom Text }

\def\pagecutmarksymbol {\the\realpageno}

\def\pagecutmarklength {.5cm}

\let\pagecutmarktoptext \TopText

\let\pagecutmarkbottomtext \BottomText




\input knuth


Code like this used to work for us in mkii.

I tried it with both marking=text and marking=on, but in either case, I
get neither crop marks nor the text.
(In our real document, I was able to get crop marks with [marking=on].
But not text. And haven't figured out how to get crop marks in a MWE.)

Relevant guidance I've been trying to follow:

Thanks for any help on how to get text (pagecutmarkbottomtext) to appear
outside the crop marks.


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