Dear list, 

For a Thesis, doublesided, I need three unnumbered pages behind the Title-page, 
the second of which contains only a dedication "To the memory of A". 
For the Title-page I use standardmakeup but ConTeXt apparently does not like me 
to add a second .tex-file with standardmakeup. 
How can I manage to accomplish this in a way worthy of ConTeXt?  

Thanks in advance for any advice

 Best regards,

Robert Blackstone

(I did find a hack, consisting of introducing between the Title-page and the 
FrontMatter a .tex-file, beginning with \setuppagenumber[state=stop], of which 
the second page is filled with stack of empty framed textboxes with their 
frames off. It does work somehow but I cannot believe that it is the right 
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