On 2013-12-27 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> I try to fill the entire page with two images with their captions. The
> final page should be floating, keeping both images together and not
> containing any other text.
> I found this solution. It work fine for short captions / wide images.
> \starttext
> test
> \startplacefigure[location=page, number=no, title={}]
> %\setupcombinations[align={hz, hanging}]
> %\setuptolerance[strict]
> {\startcombination[1*2]
>    {\externalfigure[cow]} {\input{ward}}
>    {\externalfigure[cow]} {\input{ward}}
> \stopcombination}
> \stopplacefigure
> \stoptext
> ...
> If captions are long and the image narrow, they are typeset on multiple
> lines. Default centering produces the ragged column - both not very
> nice and difficult to read. When the alignment is set to hanging, it 
> looks better except the last line which is not centered.
> Is there any settings for centering the last line?

I've found it is a general problem with the centering the last line when
hanging alignment is set. Here is the similar thread, but with no response:

This is quite old thread. Are there any new possibilities in the Context
from that era?

Thanks, Jan

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