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Thank you for the reply.  I'm afraid that I don't know how to manually
manipulate the PDF Catalog.  I was able to successfully build the code
on this page


but I had to add


and although I have Evince's "Index" visible, all of the PageLabels are
"1" and when I click on the entry it doesn't change to the correct
page.  I do get an error from Evince that says "failed to look up aut:3"
or another number.

I'm not sure what my options are.




\defineconversionset[bodypart:pagenumber] [][numbers]
\defineconversionset[appendix:pagenumber] [][Characters]


\setupheadertexts[Page \userpagenumber\ of \lastuserpagenumber]




        \dorecurse{20}{\input knuth \footnote{test}\par}





        \dorecurse{20}{\input tufte\par}





        \dorecurse{20}{\input zapf\par}




gigves in the pdf:

/PageLabels << /Nums [ 0 << /S /r >> 6 << /S /D >> 11 << /S /A >> ] >>

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