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> anyhow, i've now defined then in a different way (ok, some more trickery 
> had to be applied as it's one of these aspects of open type math that 
> still inherits old stuff) so in a next version you can do this:
> \setupmathstackers[vfenced][hoffset=10pt]

Tested with 2014.02.14 beta, and it is a big improvement.  Again, sorry
it took so long to test.

If I use hoffset=3pt, it seems that some underbraces get 3-pt borders
but others don't.  For example,



\underbrace{15\,\tf cm}_{L}


The second underbrace has the 3-pt borders, but the first one looks more
like a 0-pt border (though hoffset=0pt makes it have a negative border).

Is it due to quantization, in that the extensibles grow in fixed-size

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