With MkIV, I'm having trouble getting \writetolist to include
sectionnumbers.  Or at least, I cannot get the typeset list to include
the sectionnumbers (but maybe writetolist sent in the information).

Here's a minimal example, which is almost exactly the example from the
wiki at <http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Command/setuplist>.  The only change
is that I've included [order=command] so that the \hrule ends up at the
right place.


  \section{Sec 1}
  \writetolist[Reprints]{1.}{List entry A}
  \subsection{Subsec 1}
  \writetolist[Reprints]{2.}{List entry B}

When typeset (I'm using the 2014.02.14 beta), the completelist looks

List entry A       1
List entry B       1

But the 1. and 2. didn't show up in the left column.

I tried adding \setuplist[Reprints][sectionnumber=yes] but that didn't
help.  Does one need to define an alternative that includes

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