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- Question: when is Ctx supposed to adopt Lua 5.3?

It will take a while as

- 5.3 it's not yet official
- then 5.3 needs to become stable
- we need to test implications of the new number system
- tests have shows it's a slightly slower

Maybe there's nothing to gain from a move to 5.3, apart from keeping up
with general Lua. If we make the switch it will first be tested quite a
while in production before it leaves beta.


Did you think about Ctx be able to use more Lua versions?

Similar like "--jit" forces LuaJIT instead of Lua;
"--lua52" would force Lua 5.2 instead Lua 5.3+ once Lua 5.3+ is adopted into 
Ctx core (and supposing Ctx won't use any Lua 5.3+ extras).

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