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Alternatively, you can consider making your mp graphics like this:

    some code

This will use the regular font system, gives access to everything
context as well, and makes it possible to opentype fonts. The resulting
(cropped) graphic can of course be included. One can also have more of

That's an improvement on what I am doing.  (Though I may be getting lots
of ConTeXt and OpenType fonts, by using a preamble with

   verbatimtex %&cont-en


I must admit that I never use verbatimtex (nor btex/etex).

Right now my figure source (blah.mpfig, say) is what would go in between
begin/endfig.  The Makefile wraps it in begin/endfig, and includes a
header.mp with all the definitions hopefully consistent with the main
document's environment (terrible, I know), writes out blah.mp, which is
run through metapost and mptopdf.

Including environments and styles is easier when you run the mp graphic as context file. Just \environment ... will do.

The disadvantage of incorparating everything into the .tex may be the
edit--compile cycle gets much longer for the figures, because you have
to compile the whole document or component to see the revised figure.
(My rule of thumb is that typing is about 10 times faster than
handwriting, unless one has to do equations, in which case you lose a
factor of 3; or if you have to make figures, in which case you lose the
other factor of 3 (3^2=10), and maybe more.)

That is only true if you can produce content at high speed -) Otherwise the ratio typing - thinking - making up text etc is not that good.

Are you sure' it's 'much' longer? You can still put graphics in external files, or use \useMPgraphic etc ... Running mp in context (luatex) is pretty fast (esp when your viewer refreshes fast too). And when at some point you want to use the new lua extension in mp you can only run it that way.


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