Hello all,

I am working on a document (source=HTML) which has as an appendix a
complete Bibliography (which I did with BibTex, and works fine), but it
also has endnotes (after every \part) which (most often) reference the

I did this now as simple endnotes and using the literal text of the notes,
since sometimes they do not refer to anything in the Bibliography,
therefore I would need to keep them as endnotes and not as cite reference.

But for entries that do, my question is:
- How to setup \cite so that it displays the fields I want (author, title,
address) in the style I want (title=italics).
- How to give extra information (like the page reference).

And how are notes with "Ibid." (referring to a same cite as a previous
footnote) dealt with, is there any mechanism that does that (probably

Related to this I have also the following problem with endnotes.
I managed to get the notes in the text and where the endnotes are places
converted to diplay: [1] (instead of a superscript without the brackets).

But how can I configure it to have the same amount of identation for every
endnote text. The indentation is now different for notes starting with
[10], etc., and the footnote text lines are only indented the first line,
following lines starting non-indented. The overall effect I want is that
the endnote + endnote text look like being typeset as a tabulation.

How can one do that?

Many thanks.


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