On Sun, Jul 13 2014, Pol Stra wrote:

>> I can be done automatically for example by using this module:
>> http://modules.contextgarden.net/grph-downsample
> Thank you, it looks interesting. Is there a documentation somewhere or could 
> you provide an example about how to use it ?


Here an example: http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Catalogue_raisonné

> Also, it changes the resolution only at inclusion into the pdf or it does it 
> on original files ? My concern is to give the sources in attachment of the 
> document, so if I don't change those files, the document will still be huge. 

The downscaled images are kept on disk in the "cache" sub-directory.

> There is a way to include the source without duplicates images ?


There is also an old module t-degrade.tex but I don't know, if it still
works with recent ConTeXt versions.

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