On 7/13/2014 7:59 PM, Herbert Voss wrote:
I thought that \textreference will print its text (Foo) in
difference to \reference. With current minimal I can see no
difference between both.


\about[foo] and \about[bar] \atpage[bar]



about foo: \about[foo] \par
about bar: \about[bar] \par
in foo: \in{in}[foo] \par
in bar: \in{in}[bar] \par
at page foo: \at{page}[foo] \par
at page bar: \at{page}[bar] \par


(\atpage doesn't show a page when on the same page)

The distinction between \pagereference, \textreference and \reference is sort of historical and relates to efficiency (in mkii):

\pagereference : only stores the pagenumber
\textreference : only stores the text
\reference     : stores pagenumber and text

In mkiv the last two are the same now but they still can have different rendering (currently the rendering is aliased). Maybe we should just alias \reference to \textreference by now as I don't see that part change (the distinction was kept when mkiv was still new). So in fact we have just two commands now.

(\setreference[label][...] is a new one .. it reminds me that i should start checking for left-over experiments and kind of freeze the low level implementation ... these were among the first mechanisms redone)


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