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>> On 17 aug. 2014, at 20:06, <joshua.krae...@gmail.com> wrot
>>> On 2014-08-15, 19:56, Robert Blackstone wrote:
>>>> A few days ago I posted this question. There were no reactions, but
>>>> it is not an urgent matter for me anymore since I found an effective
>>>> work-around. (Although I still wonder whether or not this possibility
>>>> exists in mkiv,)
>>> I have not seen the issue you have described myself.  The attached
>>> example works for me.  You have to prepare a minimal working example
>>> that shows the problem.  Maybe then somebody can identify the reason
>>> for your issue.
>> But I have realized now, a bit late, that for real control over these 
>> distances one also needs to setup the section-head in a similar manner, 
>> additionally specifying the distance "before".
>> The presence or absence of Frontmatter does not influence results.
>> I think there must have been a setup command somewhere in my setups that I 
>> had forgotten about.
> You?re forgetting that \section insert also a space before the text is 
> placed. In a case where two commands insert a space at the same position like 
> here the larger value is used which comes in the second chapter from the 
> \section command.
> Wolfgang
Thank you, Wolfgang. I was not forgetting what you describe. Worse, I had not 
taken any notice, just accepting the default distances as they appeared, which 
generally seemed OK.
I hope to be a bit ConTeXt-wiser now.

Kind regards,
Robert Blackstone
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