I'm currently prepping my teaching material for my back-to-university.

I want to design some conditional slides based presentation where I can select 
the slides that I want to show in my final presentation.

My current attempt is to use :
1 - MKIV as I use currently only MKII;
2 - a counter is defined, that it is incremented at each slide definition;
3 - a commalist to indicate the slides that I want. The number affected to each 
slide is made according to its definition in the file and not the slide number 
4 - a block is added to enclosed each slide in order to allow or not it to be 
shown in the final presentation.

% firstly I generate a full commalist 

% then I define my slide where I increment the counter
\startsetups slide:start 

\startsetups slide:stop


\SlideTitleSub{Hello there}

What is my number ? \getnumber[slide] !


This doesn't work. the "doifinset" doesn't work. I've tried to put some 
\expanded in order to expand the arguments with no success.

The only way is to use direct argument as :

Let me know it it is possible.

best regards,
Pierre-François Bonnefoi.
Bonnefoi Pierre-Francois                |    E-mail : bonne...@unilim.fr 
Universite de Limoges, Laboratoire XLIM |       Tel : 06 28 18 03 38
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