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> Colleagues
> I'm setting up a document which at the end of each chapter will have a 
> Glossary of word definitions.  To get to these definitions one would click on 
> the word in the chapter which would take them to the page where the 
> definition of the word is in the Glossary.  Once the user has done this, they 
> could then click on the definition to go back to the original word in the 
> chapter.  \footnote works after a fashion, however I would like the word to 
> be clickable and the definition not to appear at the bottom of the page.  
> It's not really what I want.
> Is there another way to get the functionality I'm looking for?

The placement of footnotes at the bottom of the page can be disabled to flush 
them at another position, e.g. at the end of a chapter. Instead of footnotes 
you can use endnotes which are configures in this way or create your own note 

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