On 09/11/2014 05:24 PM, Jean-Philippe Rey wrote:
> Le 11 sept. 2014 à 16:35, Pablo Rodriguez a écrit :
>> page breaks can occur after a heading command.
>>> Is there a setup to get the page breaks right ? Or is this a bug ?
>> It isn’t a bug, it‘s just the way heads are defined in ConTeXt.
> I thought it could have been a bug because I have never seen ConTeXt put
> a page break between a head and the following text when it is a standard
> paragraph (which is a sensible behavior). It seems odd to allow a page
> break between two heads, except in very exceptional situations (e.g. a
> very long list of heads).

Hi Jean-Philippe,

the first time I experienced that the heading being left alone in the
bottom of a page, I thought it was a bug also.

Wolfgang kindly explained me that this was due to the default setups for

Page breaks after titles (not only between titles) seem also weird to
me. But once you know how it works, you only have to specify it in the
preamble of your documents.

>> For chapters and sections, use:
>> \setuphead[chapter][after={\blank[samepage, 2*big]}]
>> \setuphead[section][after={\blank[samepage]}]
>> I hope it helps,
> It works perfectly well, thank you very much Pablo.

I’m glad to read it worked.

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