On Mon, 2014-09-15 at 15:18 +0200, Joshua Krämer wrote:
> At the moment, I am writing my MD thesis using ConTeXt.  I have
> equations, figures, tables, diagrams, references.  There is also Lua
> code embedded to prepare data tables from CSV files, round values etc.
> Of course, there is a lot in my files that you will not need.  The
> organization of my files  (preamble files, chapter files) may not
> be suitable for your project.  The format of my document (thesis)
> may not be what you want (journal article?).  On these grounds, I do not
> think it is a good idea to take the files from somebody else and alter
> them.  I know this is common in the LaTeX community, and I have seen
> many times that it leads to inconsistent settings, conflicting packages
> and other problems.  Instead, I suggest you to start with an empty file
> and add everything *you* need.  However, if you really want, I can try
> to strip down my files and send you a basic sample.
> Kind regards,
> Joshua Krämer

Hey Joshua,

I'm looking more for a journal article format, so even if you managed to
strip down your work into a boiler plate, it might, as you say, still be
not useful for this type of situation.

Thanks a lot anyways for the offer.


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