Am 23.09.2014 um 10:59 schrieb Willi Egger:

> I would like to use the line table environment. - In order to get started I 
> copied the code from the wiki. After it did not work with the dorecurse 
> commands I simplified the code to
> \starttext
> \setuplinetable[n=6,lines=40]
> \setuplinetable[c][1]   [width=2cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=red]
> \setuplinetable[c][4]   [width=3cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=yellow]
> \setuplinetable[c][6]   [width=3cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=magenta]
> \setuplinetable[r][odd] [background=color,backgroundcolor=gray]
> \setuplinetable[r][even][background=color,backgroundcolor=green]

it is a problem with reading the parameter [c]. Use l or r instead and
it will work:


\setuplinetable[l][1]   [width=2cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=red]
\setuplinetable[l][4]   [width=3cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=yellow]
\setuplinetable[l][6]   [width=3cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=magenta]
\setuplinetable[r][odd] [background=color,backgroundcolor=gray]
\showframe \showstruts


\NC aaa\crlf aaa \NC bb \NC c \NC ddddd \NC eeee \NC ff \NC \NR
\dorecurse{100}{\NC aaa \NC bb \NC c \NC ddddd \NC eeee \NC ff \NC \NR}



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