I have an mp file that I use with success in my document with mprun.

But if I try to generate the figure alone with this command:

mpost --mem=metafun myfigure.mp

I obtain this error:

> ! Font cmr10 not usable: TFM file not found.
> thelabel->...ture(EXPR3):infont.defaultfont.scaled
>                                                   .defaultscale.fi;(p.shifte
>                                                   ...
> l.22 label.ulft("$\vec{k}$", point infinity of p4)

This is with my ConTeXt installation with only mkiv.
The ConTeXt installation with both mkiv and mkii, the error is:

> Warning: cannot open font map file psfonts.map
> ]
> Missing character: There is no 226 in font cmr10!

I tried to set:

Which is in the list of:
>mtxrun --script fonts --list --all --pattern=

but it doesn't found the TFM file either.

I know I can use the:

        \input myfigure.mp

But the point is I want to generate an svg file, not a pdf.

(mpost -s 'outputformat="svg";prologues:=3' --mem=metafun myfigure.mp)

Note that with mpost command, it use metafun.mpii, while with mprun, it use 

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