On 30 Sep 2014,  Andrea Valle <va...@di.unito.it> wrote
> I?m working on a project for a book that is a collection of essays.
> Each one needs at its end a list of references.
> But how can I force context to take into account only a portion of text for 
> generating bibliographic references and for inserting a block of references 
> after a section?
> (To collect all refs in a single bib file or to have split bib files is not 
> an issue)

Hi Andrea,
It probably depends on whether you cite your bibliographic references in the 
text of your essay, or only a part of them.

What I would do anyway is to make a subsection or a subject “References" after 
each essay, add the references that I have not cited in my text as \nocite[key] 
and finish with  \placepublications[criterium=cite]. 

I should perhaps add that I always process my projects without using the 
bib-module. I separately make the necessary .bbl-files, which I linput before 
\starttext. It gives me a lot of flexibility. 

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Robert Blackstone

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