Hi Alan,

> (Of course you are using the bibliography/bibtex module here which is
> currently being re-implemented but is not quite production ready...)

I didn't know that. Am looking forward to using it, thank you.

> Most bibliography styles ask that the url (or doi) appear at the end of
> the list rendering. This could be made active when list interaction is
> enabled.

I'd've thought that parameter order shouldn't matter. That is, it
should be possible to insert the doi anywhere in the entry.
(Typically, name-value pairs are read into a dictionary prior to
interpreting, which has a number of benefits, including order

> Normally, clicking on the list entry itself (not the url or doi) will
> like back to the (first) citation of this work in the text. You would

That is useful. Yet, if the same reference is cited multiple times,
then clicking the entry would return the reader to the first
reference, which is probably undesirable if they were at a different
point in the document. The ability to disable such a feature is

> like, rather, that the title links to the url. (Why just the title
> rather than the entire entry, by the way?) This is an issue that we
> need to make configurable somehow. I will take note.

For this particular document, internal hyperlinks (cross-references)
are blue and external hyperlinks are orange. Consider the following


It'd be nice if just the number within the brackets (i.e., 1) could be
set as the hyperlink back to the first reference (e.g., as a blue
hyperlink). (Again, the behaviour for citing the same reference in
multiple locations needs to be addressed. If it was [1, 2, 3], then
each number could cross-reference the correct back-reference in the
document. But this is a digression and probably not a terribly useful

Reasons for title links, and not the whole entry, include:

- Aesthetics. Having the entire bibliography in orange would look terrible.
- Identifiable. The user would know that the text is an external
hyperlink, rather than thinking the entire bibliography was mistakenly
coloured orange.
- Multiple links. It should be possible to link to: the publisher,
author home pages (or email addresses), and conference web sites. If
the entire entry was a single link, it'd not be possible to have
separate links for different items.

Stylistically, for example, it should be possible to set "Guido
Schryen" to an orange hyperlink and have a small, hyperlinked envelope
beside his name that links to his email address (for digital copies;
hard copies would not include the envelope, but might write the email
address in parenthesis or, optionally, not display anything at all).

Here are a few scenarios:

  author = {Schryen, Guido},
  title = {Software security},
  doi = {http://...}, % adds a hyperlink to the title
  author_schryen = {http://...}, % hyperlinks to author's home page

  author = {Schryen, Guido},
  title = {Software security},
  doi = {http://...}, % adds a hyperlink to the title
  author_schryen = {http://...}, % hyperlinks name to author's home page
  author_schryen = {mailto:gschr...@domain.com}, % envelope icon hyperlink

  author = {Schryen, Guido},
  title = {Software security},
  author_schryen = {mailto:gschr...@domain.com}, % hyperlinks name, no envelope

If the authors have two (or more) identical last names, they can be
matched in listed order of the author entry:

  author_schryen_1 = {http://...}
  author_schryen_2 = {mailto:gschr...@domain.com},

It can be time-consuming to contact the author of a paper. Providing
the ability to link back to the author (in some form) is a courteous,
expedient convenience.
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