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Minimal story
How to insert local TOC of manually created subsections after the section starts?

% start minimal example
{\bf Manual Subsection #1}\par%
\writetolist[subsection]{whatever}{Manual Subsection #1}%
\input tufte\relax}

\placecontent[chapter,criterium=local] % local TOC OK
Here we would like to see the local list of manual subsections
\placecontent[section,criterium=local] % local TOC not OK
% stop minimal example

Longer Story
Predefined \start<chapter|section> inserts "titledata" in TUC file:
while \writetolist[subsection]{whatever}{Manual Subsection #1} inserts "userdata":
   ["second"]="Manual Subsection \\recurselevel -1",
Is this the reason and can I force to write "titledata" in the TUC file?

Real case is of course more complicated and also PDF hyperlinks should work.

Thank you in advance,


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