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> Hi,
> it’s the first time I need a proper bibliography, and our book will be 
> published in three languages (German, English and Russian).
> Most of the sources are in Russian.
> I’d use everything (titles, author names) in original spelling (i.e. 
> cyrillic), but would like to provide also a transliteration.
> In German and English issues I’d like to use a „Latin“ reference code, in 
> Russian a Cyrillic (or original-type) one.
> What format would you suggest for the database?
> Can ConTeXt MkIV already handle something „better“ than .bib?
> (I guess the information in the wiki is outdated?)
> Does general BibTeX documentation still apply?

The context suite comes with the file mkiv-publications.pdf which is the manual 
for the new bibliography mechanism.

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