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>> The context suite comes with the file mkiv-publications.pdf which is the 
>> manual for the new bibliography mechanism.
> Thanks for the hint, I didn’t look after that.
> I guess I will use the Lua syntax, since it’s the shortest.

… or stay with .bib, since there are tools for it, and maybe someone else might 
need my data.

> And hopefully I’ll figure out how to setup the output ;-)
> But how would you cope with the international (i.e. Cyrillic) titles/authors?
> Should I define fields like author_original or is there a better way (maybe 
> define the book twice, using crossref)?

I found this about BibLaTeX / Babel:
It’s nearly the same problem as mine.

BibLaTeX 3.0 + Biber 2.0 are advertised to support this syntax:

  LANGID = {japanese},
  EDITOR = {柳田聖山},
  EDITOR_romanised = {Yanagida, Seizan},
  TITLE = {禪學叢書},
  TITLE_romanised = {Chūbun shuppansha},
  TITLE_translated_english = {Collected Materials for the Study of Zen},
  LOCATION = {京都},
  LOCATION_romanised = {Kyōto},
  LOCATION_translated_english = {Kyoto},
  PUBLISHER = {中文出版社},
  PUBLISHER_romanised = {Chūbun shuppansha},
  DATE = {1974/1977}

… and extract the right version according to configuration.
Is there support for these constructed keys in ConTeXt?

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