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The context suite comes with the file mkiv-publications.pdf which is the manual 
for the new bibliography mechanism.

Thanks for the hint, I didn’t look after that.

I guess I will use the Lua syntax, since it’s the shortest.

… or stay with .bib, since there are tools for it, and maybe someone else might 
need my data.

And hopefully I’ll figure out how to setup the output ;-)

But how would you cope with the international (i.e. Cyrillic) titles/authors?
Should I define fields like author_original or is there a better way (maybe 
define the book twice, using crossref)?

I found this about BibLaTeX / Babel:
It’s nearly the same problem as mine.

BibLaTeX 3.0 + Biber 2.0 are advertised to support this syntax:

   LANGID = {japanese},
   EDITOR = {柳田聖山},
   EDITOR_romanised = {Yanagida, Seizan},
   TITLE = {禪學叢書},
   TITLE_romanised = {Chūbun shuppansha},
   TITLE_translated_english = {Collected Materials for the Study of Zen},
   LOCATION = {京都},
   LOCATION_romanised = {Kyōto},
   LOCATION_translated_english = {Kyoto},
   PUBLISHER = {中文出版社},
   PUBLISHER_romanised = {Chūbun shuppansha},
   DATE = {1974/1977}

… and extract the right version according to configuration.
Is there support for these constructed keys in ConTeXt?

sure, you can use any field you like and you can adapt yoru rendering setups to use them

the problem is not so much to support variants of fields (although I really dislike this mixed upper/lowercase mess)

the main question is: how mixed is this used? are EDITOR and EDITOR_whatever used at the same time?


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