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>> I found this about BibLaTeX / Babel:
>> It’s nearly the same problem as mine.
>> BibLaTeX 3.0 + Biber 2.0 are advertised to support this syntax:

Well actually (after a renumbering) one needs biblatex 4.0 and biber

>> @COLLECTION{yanagida_zengaku_sosho_1975,
>>    LANGID = {japanese},
>>    EDITOR = {柳田聖山},
>>    EDITOR_romanised = {Yanagida, Seizan},
>>    TITLE = {禪學叢書},
>>    TITLE_romanised = {Chūbun shuppansha},
>>    TITLE_translated_english = {Collected Materials for the Study of Zen},
>>    LOCATION = {京都},
>>    LOCATION_romanised = {Kyōto},
>>    LOCATION_translated_english = {Kyoto},
>>    PUBLISHER = {中文出版社},
>>    PUBLISHER_romanised = {Chūbun shuppansha},
>>    DATE = {1974/1977}
>> }
>> … and extract the right version according to configuration.
>> Is there support for these constructed keys in ConTeXt?
> sure, you can use any field you like and you can adapt yoru rendering 
> setups to use them
> the problem is not so much to support variants of fields (although I 
> really dislike this mixed upper/lowercase mess)

You can write everything in lowercase if you want. The syntax only
expects the _ to separate the main field and the variant/language. 

> the main question is: how mixed is this used? are EDITOR and 
> EDITOR_whatever used at the same time?

You can. There are commands to choose a specific variant, but you
can also define fallbacks. So something like 
"Editor (Editor_translated)" or "Editor translated but fall back to
editor if it doesn't exist" is possible. 

The main problem is not to get lost in the variants/fallback chains. 

Another problem is to get name lists right: After all it is possible
that only some authors needs to be romanised. But with the help of
the name hashes I was at the end able to do something like "Müller
and  柳田聖山 (Yanagida, Seizan) ..."

Smaller problems are how to write the names correctly -- after all
not everywhere in the world names follows the "lastname, fistname"

I had some longer discussion about this with the

Ulrike Fischer

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