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>> The main problem is not to get lost in the variants/fallback chains.
> That was my initial impression too. There are simply too many 
> combination possible. In such a case it makes more sense to tune the 
> rendering than to figure out all the options. 

Well to tune the rendering one has to sort out the logic first ;-)

You first has to decide "do I want title_variant_a always, or only
if the main language of the document is english, or only if an
option is set or only if ...". 
What should happen if the language of the document is in japanese,
the bib-entry is a french book and there is a translated_chinese
variant of the title? 

> So, in context speak that would mean something:

In the end the biblatex code is similar. It has some more options to
access and handle variants. 

>> Another problem is to get name lists right: After all it is possible
>> that only some authors needs to be romanised. But with the help of
>> the name hashes I was at the end able to do something like "Müller
>> and  柳田聖山 (Yanagida, Seizan) ..."
> so basically you order by a mix of name and romanized name (or romanized 
> name with name as fallback)?

In this special case it seemed the logical thing to do. "Müller
(Müller) and 柳田聖山 (Yanagida, Seizan) ..." or "Müller and 柳田聖山
(Müller and Yanagida, Seizan) ..." would look odd. 

Ulrike Fischer

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