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> You first has to decide "do I want title_variant_a always, or only
> if the main language of the document is english, or only if an
> option is set or only if ...". 
> What should happen if the language of the document is in japanese,
> the bib-entry is a french book and there is a translated_chinese
> variant of the title? 

According to the APA style guide:

"If the original version of a non-English article is used as the
source, cite the original version. Give the original title and, in
brackets, the English translation."
"If an English translation of a non-English article is used as the
source, cite the English translation. Give the English title without

Other styles might specify differently.

Hans and I are working (furiously) on the new mkiv bibliography
subsystem. We have been discussing language (with Thomas as well). The
title= will be typeset (and hyphenated) according to the language=
field, if present; The rest of the bibliography list ("and", for
example) will be typeset using the document language. A global
bibliography rendering option can modify this choice.


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