Hello Jaraslav,

You might be willing to wikify it. I would be helpful for others.


> Am 09.11.2014 um 15:59 schrieb Jaroslav Hajtmar <hajt...@gyza.cz>:
> Hello Pablo.
> The module I created about before 4 years ago, when I wanted to learn to 
> program in Lua. Therefore, I think that my module is too rudimentary and not 
> quite optimized. Unfortunately, since I do not now use much Lua, so I dare 
> not reasonably somehow finish. Before inclusion in third party modules that 
> would probably have to take some experienced Lua expert and redo the whole 
> module. For my needs it is enough. I use this module very often for my 
> practise (I am teacher). Perhaps it helped a little.
> Greetings Jaroslav Hajtmar
> Dne 8.11.2014 11:09, Pablo Rodriguez napsal(a):
>> On 11/07/2014 12:44 PM, Jaroslav Hajtmar wrote:
>>> Hello Pablo.
>>> Here is the solution of your minimal example:
>>> http://public.hajtmar.com/?cesta=JRsVFQdsJhwoWyAdFwQROwZWBFkwERgeFzAEJjMbLSYcKAAcHxYUAS8XVkIkIhAVHyYsFgsZEzYXAw
>>>  Examples of more complex and comprehensive application of my
>>> t-scancsv.lua mudule are available at:
>>> http://public.hajtmar.com/?cesta=JRsVFQdsJhwoWyAdFwQROwZWBFkwERgeFzAEJjMbLSYcKAAcHxYUAS8X
>>>  I zip the entire folder and you can download it at:
>>> http://public.hajtmar.com/files/TeX/context/t-scancsv_ConTeXt_module/t-scancsv_ConTeXt_module.zip
>>> Perhaps those that serve well.
>> Many thanks for your reply, Jaroslav.
>> Since this feature may be useful to other users, how about including it
>> as a third-party module in the ConTeXt Suite?
>> Many thanks for your help again,

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