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Hello list,

It seems I have more problems with \setuphead, which I can't get hold on.

This time content misbehaves in way I can't understand.

Here are the relevant definitions/commands:



What I expect this set of definitions to do is to indeed perform
\MyChapterCommand for a chapter to typeset the title of a chapter.

For the table of contents, I hoped that it would not do the command, which
I set for chapter (by clearing that option with =,), and instead perform
the textcommand \MyContentCommand.

However from my output it is clear that the table of content still does

As a workaround, I postponed setting \setuphead for chapter till after the

But why does this not work?

Even if content is supposedly doing the same thing as chapter does, it I
make thereafter changes to content, and in fact "undo" the command setting
and instead direct it to perform a textcommand, I don't expect it to still
perform \MyChapterCommand. But it does that.

Below the definitions for both commands:


     {\vbox{\blank[4cm]{\small \headtext{chapter}

Can anyone advise?



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