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On 2/8/2015 3:40 PM, Idris Samawi Hamid ادريس سماوي حامد wrote:
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the only reason why highlight exists is that it can be used to tag
stuff that is otherwise untagged in the exporter to xml

Ok, so I suppose \quote and \quotation already work in the exporter. The
following iteration then:


\definehighlight[\v!italic    ] [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!italic]
\definehighlight[\v!bold      ] [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!bold]
\definehighlight[\v!bolditalic] [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!bolditalic]
\definehighlight[\v!mono]       [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!mono]
\definehighlight[\v!monobold]   [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!monobold]
\definehighlight[\v!smallcaps]  [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!smallcaps]

i don't like these as tags (you can define start-stops if needed)

You don't like them? But these were in your original sample file!

\definehighlight[emphasis]      [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!italic] %
Does Hans prefer slanted here for default??

depends \em would do

Ah, \em can go outside now... So we have

\definehighlight[emphasis] [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\em] % without the 'v!'

\definehighlight[important]     [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!bold]
\definehighlight[veryimportant] [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!smallcaps]
\definehighlight[unimportant]   [\c!command=\v!no,\c!color=darkgray]

\definehighlight[booktitle]     [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!italic]
\definehighlight[abbreviation]  [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!smallcaps]
\definehighlight[propername]    [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!smallcaps]

we have an abbreviations mechanism already


\definehighlight[typing]        [\c!command=\v!no,\c!style=\v!mono]

we have a typing environment already

Ok. It's clear that I'm doing a lot of guessing, so question: Can you specify exactly what does *not* get tagged in xml-export? What exactly do we need to worry about? Then we can go from there...


There seems to be a bug with \smallcaps.

Can you look at \smallcaps? Thanks and

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